SAINTE (Tay Jardine) announces 'Bad Summer'

Tay Jardine, the former front woman of We Are The In Crowd , has announced the highly anticipated details of, alternative pop project,  SAINTE 's  brand new EP. This EP release will be the follow up to SAINTE's 2017 debut 7 track EP 'smile, and wave' which featured hit singles 'Technicolour', 'With Or Without Me' and 'Eyes Are Open'. The new EP is set for release this Friday ( October 18th ) and is titled 'Bad Summer'. However, details of 'B… Read more

VISTA Announces EP ‘The Ruins’

New York based cinematic alternative rock band, VISTA, have announced their upcoming EP release “ The Ruins ” which is out on all digital platforms  October 25th, 2019 . This will be their first record since 2017.  “The Ruins” will be the first of a trilogy of EPs that VISTA will release, the remaining two titled “The Repair” and “The Revival” (release dates still to be announced).  The EP is a 5-track collection (which contains all previously unreleased songs) that walks down a dark leading… Read more

My Current Cult Beauty Wishlist

it's been a hot minute since i last did a makeup post as i have been focusing on my poetry recently. so, i thought it was about time i ventured back to my routes for a second and share with you all my  Cult Beauty  current wishlist! these picks are products i have been dying to splurge my money on for an incredibly long time but i keep holding back! Read more