in the darkness | my micro poetry

'in the darkness' is a series of five micro poems that were inspired by dreams and revelations i have had in the last few weeks. these poems were written and edited on the same day as each other so i thought it was fitting that they were kept together. i hope that this series somehow resonates with you and i would love to hear your opinions on them.   these poems were once mine, now they are yours. spread your wings  letting go hurts.  however, clinging on to something that does n… Read more

extracts and short poems | my poetry

'pink skies' is about a friendship I had where we would go for walks and hope that a pink sunset would happen during the summertime because my favourite colour was pink and we both enjoyed how stunning they were.  Read more

you see | my heart is a bookshelf

You see is a poem about how I always find myself daydreaming about different stages of my life and how I can never seem to let people go. The easiest way for me to describe this is through the metaphor of my heart being like a bookshelf. I keep adding more people into my life when I can't let go of the people from my past. Similarly to the way you would hold on to a torn old book that wasn't any good. Read more