A little Reminder | World Mental Health Day

On the 10th of October, it was World Mental Health Day and given that mental health is something I am passionate about, read up on a lot and something that affects me directly I had to post. For me, the purpose of World Mental Health Day is not only to raise awareness about mental illness, self-care and to help beat the stigma surrounding the issue of mental health. World Mental Health Day it is also about taking a step back for a moment and celebrating all the things that we’ve achieved. Maybe it’s something that you achieved today, yesterday, last week, last year or ever a decade ago. Believe it or not, they all count!
Whilst having mental health issues, we often believe that we have no choice. No choice in who we are, how we act, how our future will be and that we will feel this way forever. To those who are suffering from mental health issues, or you need a reminder, you do have a choice and have a say. Every life is meaningful and every person is powerful. It’s easy for us to sit back and say we don’t have a say in the way we feel, think and the way people treat but believe me, you do have a say.

I think of the choice to continue with my life every day. I made that choice, I have to admit it's been extremely hard at times due to my own mental health. I do, however, remind myself of the progress that I have already made and the progress that is yet to follow.  I strongly think that it is important to look back on everything that you go through and remind yourself that you have made it through every bad day so far.

Let this be a reminder for not only me but also a reminder to you, that you have a choice. Never forget that the person you will be based on what’s happening to you right now and you will grow because of it. You will look back with pride at the progress that you’ve made.  

For quite a long time I honestly believed that people were out to get me, pull me down and that everyone hated me. I also believed the world was a horrible place. Although, now, I have been shown that there are some unkind people in this world and bad things do happen, but there are some extremely wonderful people around too.


  1. I love this post- and I totally agree. I also sit there and have to choose, "I can carry on letting my anxiety get to me, or I can try to face it head on." It's certainly not easy, or achievable all the time, but the determination is still there! Great and very strong / brave post lovely. X

  2. Such an inspiring post lovely, it's true we do think we might not have a choice but as you say we do!
    Lovely post chick
    Charlotte xx


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