Real Talk and The No Country for Young Women Podcast

Real talk as I'm sitting writing this I'm finding myself blankly staring at the computer screen unsure of what to write and worried about it being good enough. It has been nearly two months since I last wrote a blog post. 

There are only two reasons for this; 1) I have been on holiday and 2) I didn’t feel like it at all. In some ways, it was a good I didn’t feel like it. A lot of the time it feels like I need to publish a post just because I’ve written something. Just need to get stuff off my chest.

When I first started making my blog geminiexplit in 2016 I never thought I would find it difficult to write as much as I do. One day I'll feel inspired and then for a month or longer I lose my spark and have a “creative dry spell” as it were. I find this difficult as I have always loved writing and that's why I set up my blog in the first place.

On to another note, however, I have been listening to No Country for Young Women a podcast by Sadia Azmat and Monty Onanuga who are down to earth and honest. I highly recommend giving the podcast a listen as it talks about important topics such as; self-care, mental health, body positivity and feminism. Be warned though there is strong language. 

My favourite episode so far has been Episode 6 which was about how to love yourself with blogger and creator Grace F Victory. I found it a really eye-opening and informative episode. I have also listened to it at least 3 times. 

Let me know if you listen to the podcast and be sure to suggest any podcast you would recommend as I'm always looking for more to listen to! 

Until next time, 

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  1. I've only been blogging for coming up to 2 months now and I'm already starting to find it difficult to maintain writing motivation. Sometimes there are days where my mind is completely blank. I've been loving podcasts lately, def going to give this one a listen! You should try Fearne Cotton's 'Happy Place'! It touches upon similar topics! x

    Evie x |

    1. I will definitely listen to her podcast! It can be very difficult when your mind goes blank especially if you're wanting to create content x


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