House of Sparklez UK Fine Loose Glitter | Review

I had kept seing House of Sparklez UK*, a vegan, cruelty-free brand, floating around Instagram for a while and heard great reviews from people saying that it was one of their favourite brands for glitter and that their prices were really affordable. So, I decided that I would buy a couple of their products to see what they were like. House of Sparklez UK sell a range of glitters, highlighters and false eyelashes but as I don’t wear false eyelashes and have more than enough highlighters at the moment I opted to buy glitters.

I bought Amber and Unicorn Dust which are both fine glitters.  I have only just recently started using glitter with my make up so I thought buying fine glitter would be the easiest type to apply.  

Both of these glitters have 3g of product in it which is a really reasonable amount. House of Sparklez UK recommend using their Glitter Fix glue with their glitters but as I already own the Barry M Glitter Fixer I didn’t buy it. However, when mine runs out I will definitely be trying the Glitter Fix as it looks like an amazing product.

Have you ever bought anything from House of Sparklez UK and if so what did you think and what did you buy? I am always looking for new up and coming brands to try so let me know if you have any Instagram makeup brands that I should try.  

Each glitter is sold individually in loose pots and retail at £2.50 which is incredibly cheap considering most brands sell their glitters for £4 or more. As well as this House of Sparklez UK's glitters are 100% cosmetic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable which is amazing considering a lot of companies’ glitters aren’t. There is a choice between fine glitter and chunky glitter depending on what you are wanting and I paid £2 for delivery which I found reasonable.

What the brand says about the fine glitters:

"How to use; 
1. Apply the Glitter Fix to the area you wish to add glitter.
2. Leave to go tacky for about 15-30 seconds
3. Pack glitter on top.
4. If you want the glitter to be denser, apply another layer of Glitter Fix over the top and add more Loose Glitter.

How to remove;
Wash off with warm soapy water or use a cleansing makeup/baby wipe. If using on the eye, close eye and wipe from inner corner towards your ear".

I am impressed with my glitters. The quality is outstanding whilst still being vibrant in colour. I'd say that unicorn dust is finer than amber but they both still apply easily and have an amazing shine. Unicorn dust is honestly the perfect colour for the inner corner as it just pops incredibly. 

Overall, this is the best loose glitter for eyes I have tried. House of Sparklez UK have done an incredible job. The quality of the product is great and hasn't caused me any issues at all which is amazing as some glitters can be irritating. I think the price is affordable and great for people who are not sure about using cosmetic glitter or are just starting to use it, like myself. House of Sparklez UK is definitely becoming one of my favourites for fine glitter eyeshadow.

House of Sparklez UK have kindly given me the discount code ‘rachaelslade’ which will give you 15% off your entire order.

Till next time

*Disclaimer: even though I am part of the House of Sparklez UK affiliate programme, all thoughts are my own and I will always only be honest about products. 


  1. Great review! Love using glitter as an eyeshadow and highlighter. :) hope it's available in Asia

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely need to try using glitter as highlighter and I hope it's available in Asia for you

    2. I have never been brace enough to use glitter like this, but I think this post inspired me to! Thanks for sharing :)
      -Jenna <3
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  2. We haven't used loose glitter in yonks!!! Both shades look so retty

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  3. This is a new to me brand, I'm from Canada but do order from the UK.

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  4. I’m always very cautious using loose glitters but these looks great ! I will definitely have to check then out! x

  5. The glitter looks great! Cheap and cruelty free so i will look into it.


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