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Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without Collaboration

Hello everyone, how are you all?! It’s a pleasure to be collaborating with Rachael at the moment, and we’ll both be talking about beauty products that we can’t live without. I’m really hoping to be able to try out some new products from Rachael’s post, and hopefully you can all take some pointers from mine! If you do enjoy this post, please feel free to check out my own blog, Chloe Elizabeth for some fashion, lifestyle and mental health posts thrown in!

1) Coconut Oil
The first and foremost item on my necessities list has got to be Coconut Oil! Personally, I opt for the Vita Coco Coconut Oil from ASDA, but I’ve heard that other alternatives including the KTC oil are fantastic too. You can use oil for cooking if you wish, but its’ actually a fantastic rich moisturizer, works wonders as after-sun, and can act as a makeup remover too. I’ve also been using coconut oil to soothe my cuticles after a rather accidental acrylic-nail mishap, and its’ been working wonders for moisturizing them back to health.

2) Brow Products
Okay, so, I really can’t be without brow products to be honest. Even when I have basic makeup days I have to ensure I’ve done my brows! My favourite brow product that I’ve discovered is the NYX Brow Pomade. It’s similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills offering, but fortunately costs a fraction of the price. I have found the perfect shade for myself, and the thing I like about pomades is that you have the flexibility to make your brows look as subtle or as heavy as you’d like.

3) Mascara
My eyelashes are brown at the root and blonde at the tip, which makes them look incredibly short. I need not say anymore.

4) Bath Bombs
I really can’t be without these little luxuries in my life; bath bombs. If you’ve had a hard week and you’re planning a little self-care regime, bath bombs are by far the easiest way to make yourself feel at ease. My favourite bath bombs include the Lush Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb, and whilst its’ not the cheapest offering, there are also less expensive alternatives available in multipacks in stores such as Savers. For a budget option, why not pick up a bottle of Radox Bubble Bath?! Granted, its’ not a bath bomb but it’ll still give you a wonderful scented bath, and at a fraction of the price.

5) Hand Cream
As someone with really dry skin, moisturizer and hand creams are a must to keep my hands hydrated throughout the day. I always make sure I have a hand cream on my bedside table, and also another mini one inside my bag so that I can moisturize on the go. My favourite hand moisturizer is the Body Shops’ Spiced Apple offering, but unfortunately it appears to have been discontinued! Otherwise, I love the Body Shops’ HEMP Hand Cream as it’s a very heavy duty product. Granted, it makes your hands slightly greasy for a small while but it soon fades and really makes my hands feel silky soft.

I’d love to hear your must have beauty products in the comments bar below! 

Rachael's note: I would love to know in the comments if you enjoyed having Chloe guest post on geminieplicit and if you did would you like to see more collaborations? Definitely check Chloe's blog out as it's one of my favourites! I really enjoyed her post how to look after your mental health whilst at university. I also wrote a post on Chloe's blog so check it out here: BEAUTY PRODUCTS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT | COLLAB WITH GEMINI EXPLICIT

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