you see | my heart is a bookshelf

You see is a poem about how I always find myself daydreaming about different stages of my life and how I can never seem to let people go. The easiest way for me to describe this is through the metaphor of my heart being like a bookshelf. I keep adding more people into my life when I can't let go of the people from my past. Similarly to the way you would hold on to a torn old book that wasn't any good. Read more

simplify your life | become more ethical

Let's face it, we are more than just one lifetime. We are much more than one person. We’re destined for more than being destructive towards our planet, being destructive people and  living for 80 or 90 years . As humans, we just take and never give back.  We think someone else is going to solve our problems, climate change or wars. We always think someone else will come up with an idea of how to save the world. However, is it fair to trust the people who put us in these positions in … Read more

oxygen | a poem for you

Oxygen is a poem about seeing the light in everything. It is also about knowing who and where I want to be in life whilst not being afraid to say,  'this is who I am, I am happy and whole - don't interrupt'.  These are some of the most empowering words I have written to date and felt an urgency to share them here on  geminiexplicit . Read more