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Let's face it, we are more than just one lifetime. We are much more than one person. We’re destined for more than being destructive towards our planet, being destructive people and living for 80 or 90 years. As humans, we just take and never give back. We think someone else is going to solve our problems, climate change or wars. We always think someone else will come up with an idea of how to save the world. However, is it fair to trust the people who put us in these positions in the first place? 

The sun can only really burn for so long so it's as simple as, we have a choice to make the difference or not at all because we're running out of time. Sometimes I can imagine Mother Earth saying 'this is my world, you're just living here' to try and draw the human races attention back to her and give her life again instead of damaging her further. We hope if we close our eyes we'll make all of this just disappear but the reality is it's not as simple as that. 

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With all this being said, I have decided over the next few months to simplify my life, declutter and become more environmentally friendly than I already am. I have always been bad at keeping things that really don't have any value so I end up drowning in clutter! This is why I have decided to let go of what I haven't worn or used within the last six or so months, within reason, because if I don't love it, I won't miss it!

Whenever I get rid of things I decide whether tosell them, bin them or send them to a charity shop. I usually pick to send my used things to charity shops. This is because I volunteered in an amazing not for profit charity shop called Glad Rags Thrift which mainly sells secondhand clothes for 4 years! Glad Rags helped me open my eyes to how much more environmentally friendly it is to donate used clothes to charity shops rather than just putting them in the bin! As they say: 'one man's rubbish is another man's treasure'. 

Charity shops can also 'rag' textiles and items of clothing that cannot be sold due to the bad condition through Rag Bag. When an item is ragged it gets recycled which prevents it getting sent to landfill which is amazing! It is estimated that 1.75 million tonnes of clothing waste is produced within the UK each year. Therefore, I never really bin clothes that are not in good nick! 

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I am also going to start making more of a conscious effort to recycle more than I currently do, reuse items that I would normally bin after first use where I can and pick up litter in the street when I see it in order to be more friendly towards the environment. 

So with that, be a friend to the Earth because we live in a time where the environment is looked at through a rose coloured lens of just finance. Clean up rubbish when you see it on the street, stop using plastic as much as you currently do and start treating this planet as if it is your home because it is. The Earth really needs all the friends it can get.

Let me know in the comments below how you are going to simplify your life and if you have any tips on how to become more ethical. 


  1. This is so incredibly inspiring! So many people are still so oblivious to the issues our planet is facing, but simple changes like this make the world of difference. When I'm back home over summer, I'm planning on doing a huge clear out, but like you, rather than simply throw things away, donate and recycle as much as I can. There are so many small, simple things that we can all do to help save our planet. Loved this! x

    Evie x |

  2. I didn't realise some charity shops can recycle old clothes, that's so great to know! I've been chucking out all my worn out ones that aren't fit for donation until now - I have to change that ☺️ I'm slowly replacing all the one-time-use items in my life with reusable ones, like face wipes with muslin clothes, cotton pads with reusable pads, etc. It's a slow process as I'm trying to use up what I already own first, but I'm getting there!

    Beka |


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