in the darkness | my micro poetry

'in the darkness' is a series of five micro poems that were inspired by realisation and dreams i have had in the last few weeks. each of the poems were written on the same day once i had came out of a long and tiresome writer's block so i  wanted to keep them together. unlike previous poems i have published on my blog i will not be giving a poem by poem context with these micro poems because i don't know where to even begin, so i have decided to leave it up to the interpretation of the reader. i hope while reading this short collection of poetry has made you feel the emotions that i went through while creating it. these poems were once mine, now they are yours.

spread your wings 

letting go hurts. 
however, clinging on to something that does not bring you happiness,
 hurts a lot more. 
trust me when I say,
 the magic you’ve always been searching for 
will come your way.  

you are all my heart talks about 

you were sleep talking
as our elbows touched
and in that very moment
i knew i never wanted it to stop

 there is no point reviving a dying flame. 

i have concluded, 
that i cannot keep punishing myself
 for someone else’s actions
 and i must put this all to rest
 so i can finally allow my scars heal.

you are my favourite daydream 

all my daydreams 
of you and i
are painted in technicolour
to serve as sweet reminders
that my heart is now weightless with you

fearing what i might miss

i sift through our memories
looking for answers in my past
when i know
i should be walking out of my head
and making a new start

i am immensely proud of how each of these poems came out in this collection and in my eyes they shed a lot of light on me as a person. i would love to hear your thoughts on my work in the comments below. 

so i suppose all that's left for me to say now is, thank you for taking the time to read my poetry. it means the entire world and more to me. if you would like to stay in touch with me you can find me on instagram as @rachaelspoetry and twitter @gemini_explicit.  

* the artist of the artworks is unknown but all credit is given to them*