My Current Cult Beauty Wishlist

it's been a hot minute since i last did a makeup post as i have been focusing on my poetry recently. so, i thought it was about time i ventured back to my routes for a second and share with you all my  Cult Beauty  current wishlist! these picks are products i have been dying to splurge my money on for an incredibly long time but i keep holding back! Read more

rose coloured | my micro poetry

this micro poetry two part collection, ‘rose coloured’, is about my struggle to see people at times for what they truly are and see through their white lies. i have this tendency to put on my rose coloured glasses as a comfort blanket so i can avoid all the warning signs of peoples true colours. this has led me to be in toxic relationships/friendships where i am manipulated and made a fool out of. in the past i have given all the best parts of who i am to people who didn’t even deserv… Read more