My Current Cult Beauty Wishlist

it's been a hot minute since i last did a makeup post as i have been focusing on my poetry recently. so, i thought it was about time i ventured back to my routes for a second and share with you all my Cult Beauty current wishlist! these picks are products i have been dying to splurge my money on for an incredibly long time but i keep holding back!
NARS Blush Super Orgasm, £25

i was going to list the iconic NARS Orgasm in this wishlist as it is a staple in many makeup collections but i decided if i was to buy a NARS blush it would probably be Super Orgasm one. this is due to it being a peachy pink with golden glitter rather than golden shimmer. anyone who knows me knows i love glitter in my makeup.

i have been drawn in by this product mainly because of its price, its a total bargain, but also as it is infused with aloe and cucumber extracts which is perfect for sensitive skin. my skin isn't particularly sensitive but i'm aware that some makeup products can break me out much to my disappointment. 

i can safely say that i have been living under a rock as i still have never tried this foundation. here me out, i have been using Urban Decay Naked Skin for the last year and a bit and i get on with it so well as it is a demi-matte weightless foundation that i haven't tried anything new since using it. however, i have been admiring NARS Sheer Glow from afar as it is a weightless foundation with sheer to medium coverage with a satin-like texture which is just up my street but i suppose i have never justified spending £33 on one foundation.  

this essentials kit from Benifit is a steal, as it includes a full-size BADgal BANG Mascara alongside minis of; The POREfessional, Roller Lash and Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil in shade '3.5'. the only thing putting me off buying this is the fact that Goof Proof is in shade 3.5 which would be way too light for my black eyebrows but maybe i could make it work if i used a dark eyebrow gel with it?

BENEFIT Roller Liner Brown, £18.50

i have been wanting a brown liner forever as it looks stunning on a day to day basis where your makeup isn't full glam for an occasion. honestly though, i don't think i can justify spending nearly £19 on a brown liner when i could get one from the drugstore but a girl can dream about having enough money to spend it on this liner, right? 

have you tried any of these products i have listed in my Cult Beauty wishlist and if so what did you think of it? let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this post and what other makeup you have tried recently. 

until next time,