rose coloured | my micro poetry

this micro poetry two part collection, ‘rose coloured’, is about my struggle to see people at times for what they truly are and see through their white lies. i have this tendency to put on my rose coloured glasses as a comfort blanket so i can avoid all the warning signs of peoples true colours. this has led me to be in toxic relationships/friendships where i am manipulated and made a fool out of. in the past i have given all the best parts of who i am to people who didn’t even deserve them which as you can imagine has left me very hurt. i used to wish i could have another set of eyes so i could see clearly past my rose tint but i have recently realised that seeing the best in people can be used to my advantage. 

if you have experience putting on rose coloured glasses so you haven't had to face the truth headfirst let me know in the comments. I would also love your feedback on my writing as i am looking to improve in anyway that i can. 

finally, time for a shameless self promo, if you have enjoyed what you have read and you want to keep up to date with my writing/poetry venture you can find more on my instagram: