EP: SAINTE - Bad Summer

It was a really sad day for the pop-punk scene back in February 2016 when We Are The In Crowd announced their hiatus. There was a lot of disappointment across the scene as a lot of people had been anticipating WATIC'S 3rd album. Thankfully, though there was a continuation of WATIC even if it was in the form of a new project that has a pop-influenced direction.  

SAINTE released their brand new sophomore EP 'Bad Summer' on Friday 18th October and with it only been announced a week previously there was barely any time to prepare for it to be released into the world. 

On the announcement for the EP SAINTE wrote: 

'It all started with a bad summer. I left NY and dug into a new territory excited to meet new people and learn more about what I felt was missing in my life. It turned out that I missed home more. My Wants and Needs began to compete with each other for space in my heart. I was fulfilled with what I set out to explore. These songs represent some of the most important things I’ve learned. It was just the right time to write Bad Summer.'

'Bad Summer' is a synth-heavy pop EP that features 'Back 2 Me' and 'Everything Makes Me Sad' which were both released as singles earlier this year. 

'Back 2 Me' is a captivating song which is a great opener for the EP as it showcases how SAINTE's sound has evolved since 'Smile, and Wave' with its heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies. 

'Everything Makes Me Sad' is an entrancing song with its vulnerability and vibrant melodies that showcase Tay Jardine's vocal range impressively.  

SAINTE's new single 'Tough to Lovehas sharp melodies and centers on the idea of wanting to be a better version of yourself for somebody else. 

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*photo credit: Ashley Osborn