SAINTE (Tay Jardine) announces EP 'Bad Summer'

Tay Jardine, the former front woman of We Are The In Crowd, has announced the highly anticipated details of, alternative pop project, SAINTE's brand new EP. This EP release will be the follow up to SAINTE's 2017, debut 7 track, EP 'smile, and wave' which featured hit singles 'Technicolour', 'With Or Without Me' and 'Eyes Are Open'.

The new EP is set for release October 18th and is titled 'Bad Summer'.  It has been announced today (October 16th) that the tracklist will include; back 2 me, everything makes me sad, tough to love, don't disappointed me and saving up

However, previously details of 'Bad Summer' were very thin on the ground to begin with as SAINTE kept the cover artwork, track listing, or pre-order/pre-save options yet close to their chest. 

The announcement of the new EP follows SAINTE releasing two new synth-heavy singles earlier this year, 'Back 2 Me' and 'Everything Makes Me Sad'.

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*photo credit: Ashley Osborn 


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