EP: VISTA - The Ruins

VISTA, the alternative rock band, has returned with their brand new EP "The Ruins" which is fueled with raw emotion and fight at each note. The 5 track collection is a blend of cinematic pop and alternative rock which allows for an atmospheric and lyrically haunting EP. 

VISTA showcase the growth that they have gone through since their "Long Live" EP which was released in 2017. "The Ruins" is the first of a trilogy of EP releases which VISTA will be releasing. The other two EP's will be titled "The Repair" and "The Revival". 

The EP opens with "The Ruins", the title track, a hypnotic interlude to set the mood for what's to come which lasts just short of 50 seconds. "The Ruins" then bleeds into, "After Death" which features angry vocals from Hope on the subject of how it feels to be at rock bottom, how lonely it can be and the effects this can have on your mental health. 

"Sin City" takes a more laid back approach than "After Death". However, it is the highlight of the EP with its catchy chorus and powerful vocals. Sin City is used as a metaphor throughout the song for a place where people go escape from all of their problems but the reality is "Sin City won't save you".

"I Don't Need Help" makes for a powerful and raw listen and features guest vocalist Okan Kazdel of NEVRLNDS who does an incredible job of delivering the bridge. The song explores an unfolding story of being at war with your head but you're denying that you need help.

"Novocaine" rounds off the EP on a high level of raw emotion which deals with having to come to terms with the fact that you've been ignoring that you need help but you're in so much pain mentally that the only way to make yourself feel slightly better is to take novocaine.

Overall, it is unlike anything else VISTA has put out in the past. It is incredibly transparent and honest at the same time. It is hard not to notice how much the duo put into this that they didn't have to share with the rest of the world but they still wanted to. 

Both, Hope and Greg should both be proud of themselves for creating this EP as it showcases the growth that they have both been through musically and personally since their last EP release.

Stream "The Ruins" HERE

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*Photo Credit: Holly Turner