EXNATIONS, the indie-pop band based in Brooklyn who refer to themselves as "sad pop", returned with their sophomore EP “Pink Haze" in June 2019 which is fueled with their warm nostalgic sound along with their hypnotic melodies which makes EXNATIONS seem so familiar.

Tether” is the opening track of Pink Haze and sets the mood for the EP beautifully as it is filled with energy and gives a taste of the nostalgic sounds and feelings throughout the entire EP. Tether is full of heartfelt lyricism which reveals a story about the early days of a blossoming romance, the nervous energy and the spark of possibility that comes with these emotions associated with a developing relationship. 

Floating on a Pink Haze” is a beautiful song which has intense passion and emotion. I have to say that I was hooked the very moment I heard the infectious “I’ve got 1500 decibels telling me that this is it, I know you feel it too”. Everything from the vocals to guitars to percussion and synths is beautiful. 

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John Hughes Movie Soundtrack” is an enchanting song with its teenage angst feels and it's catchy melodies. John Hughes Movie Soundtrack undoubtedly sounds like it should be on the soundtrack to a coming of age movie. Initially, I didn't take to the song on my first few listens because I didn't understand how it fitted on the EP compared to the other songs. However, it is a really fun song and I can imagine blasting it while driving down a highway.

Slow Erosion” has to be my favourite song from Pink Haze as its incredibly hypnotic with its steady beat and slow pace. Slow Erosion shows off how heartfelt the lyrics and sound are throughout the entire EP whilst recalling the feeling of falling out of love with someone and how relationships can end in arguments as egos get bruised. 

Modern Kids” is a captivating song which talks about how modern kids know more than everyone gives us credit for.  I honestly can imagine dancing to this song at a festival as it takes a shift in mood in the EP as its more lively and more optimistic with the chorus which talks about living in the moment. 
Dreaming Still” is the final song of Pink Haze and it makes for a perfect ending. Dreaming Still has a slow beginning which really drew me in but as the song progressed I felt the urge to cry as it is a heartbreaking musical masterpiece about the loss of a loved one. The lyrics "somethings are lost, some cuts never heal" was so painful to listen to but also so beautiful at the same time. 

I have to be honest and say that Pink Haze is one of my favourite releases from 2019 as EXNATIONS did a beautiful job of leading us through the emotions that come with beginning to fall in love to then the loss and heartbreak that follows when things eventually end. The energy and breathtaking guitars, percussion and moving lyrics that EXNATIONS bring to Pink Haze makes for more than a pleasant listen.  

The EXNATIONS trio comprising of Sal Mastrocola, Taylor Hughes and John O’Neill should all both be immensely proud of themselves for creating this unique EP which showcases their growth both musically and personally since their last EP release "Tiny Sounds in the Dark".

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