Cryptic Culture Release New Song 'Criminal'

Earlier this month, as a special Christmas gift, Cryptic Culture announced they would be dropping their brand new single 'Criminal'. True to their word, the Glasgow based band, have dropped their new single which is out now on all streaming platforms. There is also an audio-video on YouTube as well.

I had the chance to speak to Dylan McVey, lead guitarist of Cryptic Culture, who gave more insight on the song and the message behind it.
"'Criminal' is a vibrant tale of lust, love and betrayal expressed through both the captivating lyrics and heavy riffs. The song follows a daring robbery which two lovers participate in. However, the robbery itself goes terribly wrong when one of the partners in crime ends up turning on the other. This sinister turn leaves the protagonist dead whilst the authorities draw closer in. 'Criminal' is a fast-paced song which includes a crescendo at the end which reflects the robber's relationship and its downfall" 
Whilst stating this, Dylan also hinted that he wrote the song based on the introduction to Grand Theft Auto 3, the action-adventure game which was developed by DMA Design and published by Rockstar Games in 2001
Listen to Cryptic Culture's new single on Spotify: 

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