extracts and short poems | my poetry

'pink skies' is about a friendship I had where we would go for walks and hope that a pink sunset would happen during the summertime because my favourite colour was pink and we both enjoyed how stunning they were.  Read more

you see | my heart is a bookshelf

You see is a poem about how I always find myself daydreaming about different stages of my life and how I can never seem to let people go. The easiest way for me to describe this is through the metaphor of my heart being like a bookshelf. I keep adding more people into my life when I can't let go of the people from my past. Similarly to the way you would hold on to a torn old book that wasn't any good. Read more

oxygen | a poem for you

Oxygen is a poem about seeing the light in everything. It is also about knowing who and where I want to be in life whilst not being afraid to say,  'this is who I am, I am happy and whole - don't interrupt'.  These are some of the most empowering words I have written to date and felt an urgency to share them here on  geminiexplicit . Read more